What we do cannot always be undone…..

Sometimes one small action can change everything. While it may not seem significant at the time, once effected – it cannot be undone nor will anything ever be the same again….This is the lesson I embarrassingly learned over the past couple of weeks. One small (okay…maybe not so small – but smallish) keystroke and everything I had worked on was gone, irrevocably unrecoverable.  The computer Gods invoked their mastery over me and in one of those forever stomach wrenching moments, my website turned from gleefully alive to woefully dead. And I mean dead-dead, not just dead.

Dejected and stunned at my immense stupidity all I could do was sit in silence. The humour here lies in the fact that I knew what I was about to do was wrong – very, very, very wrong. However; like most fools, I proceeded to do what I knew I shouldn’t…. arrogance and hubris proved most successful guides that day…. I still hear “Bwah hahahahahaha” ringing in my ears.

Now I don’t go down that easy (but I definitely pouted for a few moments), I desperately tried everything I could think of (and everything Google could think of) to save my work, but in the end, I reluctantly realized all I could do was rebuild. The little voice inside me cheerfully chanted “dumb-ass” over and over and over…

This incident provided me a strong reminder of the need to consider actions very carefully before proceeding. While you think it is only momentary or maybe you think you are right or even have the god-given right, what you do or say, can have enormous repercussions (positive or negative) that last a lifetime. I consider myself super lucky….I was able to rebuild my website and as with all life mistakes, I learned a crap ton along the way. Let’s take care of each other out there because sometimes those “insignificant” actions or words cannot be fixed and while we may learn, we cannot always rebuild.

Social commentary off..