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K.i.S.S. Philosophy

Keep It Simple Stupid. And before anyone gets all offended….”stupid” in this case refers to me.

It is easy to get caught up with all the latest and greatest – there is access to new technology and thousands, nay maybe even millions, of blogs and experts telling people what is required and how to do things. Article after article, post after post, we are bombarded with messages as to how something should be, what equipment and techniques should be used and how final images should look and if it is not like that, then it is wrong. Do not misunderstand me, some of these sources provide amazing insight for new techniques and great reviews for equipment, but I think every artist and photographer needs to hone their own process and aesthetic…opting to not give way to trends and popular idealizations unless of course, that is your thing.

I keep my kit of parts simple. I keep my images simple. I keep my processing simple (ohhhh this beaten horse debate is another blog unto itself – so quickly – YES, I do edit and alter the RAW image – it is inherent to all photography from it’s inception so let’s just move on….).

I won’t show up to your event with a truck load of lights, cameras, lenses, filters, flashes, backdrops, props, etc. I am a candid photographer – pure and simple. I work with my camera every day and the collection of lenses that have served me well. Other photographers would disagree and that’s okay – I don’t photograph for them, I photograph for me and hopefully for you.

K.i.S.S. and life is just a bit more enjoyable and less complicated.